It’s science. Those who volunteer have a 20% lower mortality rate than those who don’t. While we cannot confirm causation in this case, why risk it? Read on to find out how volunteering can make you happier and then share your favourite volunteer experience with us in the comments!

Volunteering will make you a happier person. Here’s how.

Feature photo credit to Jannette Valencia, 2016 Gen Next Calgary Urban Exposure participant
  • Thandile Mlilo

    My name is Thandile Mlilo,new in Canada from the 6 th of October 2015.I would like to volunteer with you though I don’t have a police clearance because I am still yet to go for a hearing since I am a Refugee Claimant.

  • Chris

    Your email account is dead ADMIN

    • admin

      Hi Chris,
      Thanks so much for your note. We’re working on getting that fixed right away!

  • Reza

    Hi Dear

    My name is mahmoud reza and I am willing to do some volunteering job there.
    I moved to Canada in 2015 and really interested doing volunteering job. would you please help me on this regards


    • admin

      Hi Mahmoud,
      There are lots of great volunteer opportunities on the Propellus website. There are a variety of opportunities there to make sure you’re finding the volunteer position that’s right for you.
      Thanks so much,

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