In 2012, Mayor Nenshi officially declared June 1st Intergenerational Day in Calgary.  It’s a day to recognize and celebrate different generations and the value they bring to each other and our community at large.

We all know the benefit of having connections and support. They’re crucial to feeling you belong, are valued, needed and appreciated, which in turn is amazing for your overall well-being.

Connections between generations have the added plus of sharing wisdom and experience that a single generation may be missing. As much as using technology is the same as breathing for the latest generation, someone who lived through WWII may find learning to use tech a huge mountain to climb.

It’s easier to learn from someone who already knows. And this holds true just as much for someone learning to bowl with a Wii as someone deciding which career path to take.

Celebrating the positive connections between generations doesn’t have to take you long, here are a couple suggestions to make a difference today.


If you have a few seconds:

Make eye contact and smile with somebody outside your age group.

Say hi and ask how they’re doing.

Hold the door open for them.

Offer them your seat on the bus or train.


If you only have 5 minutes:

Call and ask how they’re doing.

Sit and have a conversation at the bus stop.

Buy a couple flowers and give them out.


If you have 30 minutes:

Go to the park together.

Go for a short walk together.

Write a thank you in a card.

Make them lunch

Watch their favourite show together.


If you have an hour or two:

Go out for a meal together.

Go see a movie together.

Play a game together, like cards or Scrabble.


Trust us, you will both be happier for it!


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