July in Calgary is pretty magic. The month starts off with a bang with Canada Day and soon after we are swept up in the throes of The Calgary Stampede. Summer’s not all fun in the sun though, this year especially some people are having trouble with finding child care for the summer. We’ve rounded up a list of things to keep on your radar to stay connected to your community this month:

  1. This is Canada’s 149th birthday and celebrations in YYC look to kick off July in style. Follow the hashtag #OCanadaYYC for more info, or check out the city’s website here. The Calgary Stampede and the Calgary Folk Fest are carrying the summer celebrations throughout the month. Time to dust off the cowboy boots and then the lawn chairs for both of these YYC institutions.
  2. How well do you know your city? We just released a quiz on random facts about YYC so test your local knowledge, win bragging rights and share with your friends! Take the quiz here.
  3. It’s wedding season and the invitations are rolling in… Looking for a heartfelt gift for the couple that seems to have everything? Put down the pink can opener and instead try a gift card that makes a difference in your city. United Way has you covered here – wedding card included!
  4. Picture summer and often images of kids running wild, laid back patio season and roadtrips come to mind. But if you have kids and are working full time, summer can also mean a nightmare of trying to find affordable child care in this city. CBC covered this timely issue affecting more and more Calgarians here.
  5. Have you mingled with the brightest community-minded young professionals in the city yet? There’s been plenty of opportunities here, here, oh and here. If you haven’t been able to make it yet, don’t despair, the next Gen Next Mingle is July 15th at Wildhorse! Tickets can be found here and are $20 which gets you no line, no cover until 6.30pm. Tickets are limited so we recommend that you get on that.

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