School bags are getting tossed by the wayside in time for summer months filled with warm days and long nights. June is a lovely month to get involved with those around you; neighbours and friend and especially the often overlooked senior populations in our communities. There are a lot days to celebrate and a lot of days to take action this June, here’s just five of them:

Intergenerational Day- June 1st

A day declared as the official day to recognize and celebrate different generations in our city. See this post for some suggestions on how to participate, and ideally, we can make this a celebration that lasts all year long.

Neighbour Day-June 18

According to Katie Black, director of Calgary Neighbourhoods, “When people are engaged in their neighbourhoods, when their neighbourhoods are thriving, we know those people will thrive too”. We couldn’t agree more! The City will once again waive permit fees for block parties and green space events on June 18, to encourage citizens to throw an event and get to know their neighbours a little better. The first Neighbour Day in 2014 was held to commemorate the way the city came together during the floods of 2013, and this year again, with the wildfire event in Fort McMurray our sense of having each other’s back is once again at the forefront. The deadline to submit permit applications is May 27.

Find more information on Neighbour Day here.

Father’s Day- June 19

You could get dad a nice striped tie for Father’s Day, or you could get something through United Way’s Gift Catalogue that will actually make a difference in someone’s life. Unless your dad really really likes ties, in which case, it might be changing his life for the better…. Either way, check out the Father’s Day gift catalogue items here.

National Aboriginal Day- June 21

Celebrate the heritage, the culture and the achievements of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples in Canada. Find events here.

Payday Loan Regulation

Google recently made the decision to ban all ads Payday Lenders ads from its site. The predatory lender often target low-income communities and trap them in a cycle of super high interest, making repayment incredibly difficult.

Here in YYC, the City and United Way of Calgary and Area have been making moves to keep payday lenders out of vulnerable communities and it seems like inroads are being made.This article in the Calgary Herald covered where we are (hopefully) heading with new licensing rules and more oversight.

Have a fantastic month Calgary!

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Feature Image credit to 2016 Urban Exposure Project Participant Amanda Weighill.

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